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Integrated Locking System
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Integrated Locking System
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Integrated Locking System

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Whether you're stopping for a quick bite, filling up on gas, or grabbing some road trip essentials, the Integrated Locking System is a convenient addition to your VelociRAX. If you have ever woven a long cable through an obstacle course of bikes, you understand the hassle of detangling and storing a cable.

A retractable cable rests inside the top bar, which can be easily accessed or stowed away at any time. To retrieve this cable, open the top bar's end cap sliding doors and pull the cable from either end. Feed the cable through bike frames and lock in the center of the rack with the provided 4-digit combination lock.

Designed to be concealed, this locking system stays out of sight and out of mind when not in use. If you originally purchased a rack without an Integrated Locking System or would like to add one down the road, no need to stress because you can add one to any VelociRAX hitch rack, with the exception of the VeloicRAX 3X.

The Integrated Locking System serves as a deterrent-- no lock or cable will prevent theft in all situations. Use this locking system at your own risk. VelociRAX is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Consider insuring your bicycles by talking with your insurance agent.

Does not work with VelociRAX 3X or 4 Rack (will work with the 412).  Top bar must be 112 cm (44-inches) or larger.

- New end caps with sliding door to conceal cables when not in use
- Combination lock (set your custom 4 digit code)
- Cable Assembly (Inserted in the top tube, cables accessible from both sides of rack)
- Hardware
- Instructions

- 412: 52'' 2.5'' 2.5''
- 5: 57'' 2.5'' 2.5''
- 6: 68'' 2.5'' 2.5''
- 7/5X: 76" 2.5" 2.5"

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- Typically arrive in 3-5 business days

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Self Lowering

Integrated Hydraulic Dampers

Fully assisted lowering down to the loading position.

Fast & Easy Loading

Hit the trails faster, pack up and be on your way easier with roll in and out loading. 

Vehicle Access

Get to all your gear without removing your rack.

Tire Only Contact

No hanging by the forks or frame, risking damage to expensive bikes, VelociRAX feature contact only via tires to protect your bikes.

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